The Importance of Employee Holiday Gifts

We’ve mentioned in previous articles the importance of having a happy sales team. Not only does it decrease turnover, it also increases your bottom line and encourages top performers to reach new heights. While employee incentivization programs do a phenomenal job of accomplishing this, there are also other important gestures employers should consider when trying to get the most performance out of their teams. 

One of the most meaningful is holiday gift giving. A small token of appreciation can really go a long way with your employees, after all. If your business is interested in creating an inclusive company culture that treats its team members like family, then giving a holiday gift is a great move for boosting morale and showing people you care.

Why Holiday Employee Gift Giving?

To start, holiday gift giving is an easy, direct way to show your team members that they matter. It strengthens the bond between employer and employee, and can create a sense of belonging that directly translates into better sales. In other words, people work harder for organizations who show that they care. For example, imagine if, unbeknownst to you, there was an employee who was considering leaving the team because they felt unappreciated. In today’s day and age, they could apply for new jobs at the click of a button, leaving you and your business with the costs of finding a replacement and training them to perform up to the standards of the rest of the team. 

But what if even the smallest gesture from their organization could have kept this team member satisfied enough not to change their mind? You never know how much of an impact a simple gift can actually make. 

Here are a couple of holiday employee gift ideas that our partners have utilized in the past:

1. Prepaid Visa Reward Card

Prepaid Visa reward cards are a great way to give your employees a versatile gift they can use any way they like. Accepted anywhere that a regular Visa card is, prepaid Visa reward cards are as close to cold, hard, cash as you can get. What makes utilizing Best Payment Solutions for your holiday employee gift-giving even better is the convenience it provides upper management. Instead of having to go out and individually buy prepaid debit cards for each team member, our platform lets you complete the whole transaction at the click of a button. One press, and your staff will instantly receive an email with their own unique prepaid Visa reward card, ready for use.

2. Retail Gift Card

Retail gift cards are another great way to show your employees you care about them. Especially during the holidays, receiving a retail gift card to their favorite store is sure to delight any team member. Our employee engagement platform makes it easy. Employers can easily choose from a database of over 200 retail merchants to shop from. Better yet, you can designate an amount and let your employees personalize their cards to be from the stores they care about the most. In other words, with little legwork, you’ll be able to put together a thoughtful, personal gift for each and every one of your team members. 

Ready to take the next step? At Best Payment Solutions, we understand the impact an improvement to employee satisfaction can make on your company’s financials. Our experienced team can help your business evaluate its processes and implement an employee engagement program to meet its unique needs. If you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level and get your sales process functioning at peak efficiency when you need it most, then a channel partner incentive program may be the right solution for you. 

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