How to Show Appreciation in a Hands-Free World

Now more than ever before, we’ve seen a flood of new constraints and barriers which companies must navigate through to effectively run their businesses. The global health crisis has put the concept of social distancing at the forefront of society, and employers have been left exploring for ways to reinvent the wheels they’ve built their […]

Give Thanks with a Simple Prepaid Visa Reward Card

With remote work and online meetings becoming more commonplace than ever, it’s also beginning to pose a challenge for companies looking to give thanks to their employees. As we all know, recognition is a central tenant to having a satisfied workforce, but without anyone in the office, it’s grown quite difficult to find ways to […]

The Importance of Employee Holiday Gifts

We’ve mentioned in previous articles the importance of having a happy sales team. Not only does it decrease turnover, it also increases your bottom line and encourages top performers to reach new heights. While employee incentivization programs do a phenomenal job of accomplishing this, there are also other important gestures employers should consider when trying […]