How to Show Appreciation in a Hands-Free World

Now more than ever before, we’ve seen a flood of new constraints and barriers which companies must navigate through to effectively run their businesses. The global health crisis has put the concept of social distancing at the forefront of society, and employers have been left exploring for ways to reinvent the wheels they’ve built their company cultures on. 

From employee recognition to incentivization, COVID-19 has forced us to pivot in the direction of a hands-free world. 

Showing Employees Appreciation

In the past, it seemed simple. Host a big party for your team when they hit a major milestone. Present outstanding team members with a nice gift in front of their peers to show recognition. Shake someone’s hand as a simple show of thanks. Create some competition among team members to outperform their peers. Each of these may have had their merits just a few months ago, but have largely lost their effectiveness in today’s work climate. But it’s not like you can just eliminate employee appreciation altogether. It plays a very important role in business, and must continue to be implemented in the future, but in new ways. 

Here are three alternative ways you can show appreciation to your employees in a hands-free world:

1. Company Picnics

We can all empathize with the very real need for human connection. It can be difficult for tightly-knit teams to switch to 100% remote work at the drop of a hat, and there are so many social benefits your business loses when employees don’t have the chance to interact with one another. Giving your teams an opportunity to let loose and just be themselves will be a welcomed initiative for any business. Normally, these social functions would be in the forms of banquets, pizza parties, or mixers. 

But with the very real health implications that come along with these types of events, it’s going to take a bit of adjusting to find a company event that still minimizes the potential for contracting COVID-19. Remember, the current crisis is at its worst when people are left in confined spaces. That’s where company picnics come in. Choosing an outdoor space to host your event is a great compromise. It allows you to social distance your employees so that they can still safely interact with each other. Your team will certainly feel recharged after the event, and you’ll be hailed as a caring and understanding leader whom anyone would be happy to work for. 

2. Virtual Appreciation

So we’ve solved the problem with social functions, but what about employee recognition? Those special prizes and handshakes won’t give out themselves, after all. Well, at Best Payment Solutions, we’ve already thought of that. Our solution: Virtual reward programs such as prepaid Visa cards. These are the best cash alternatives out there, as they require little to no work to set up on your end, arrive instantly in a recipient’s inbox, and can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. 

Not seeing your employees in person every day doesn’t mean you can’t show them you appreciate them. And with a virtual reward program, you can now do exactly that without the worry of putting your valued team members at risk. Both parties leave happy, as your employees feel recognized for their performance, and you as the employer are left with a functional sales force that continues to reach high goals. 

3. Online Games

Another great way to mobilize your team members and connect their performance to positive reinforcement is through gamification. In the past, this would be in the form of something as simple as a chart in the board room which lists out each associate and who’s been closing the most sales. A little healthy competition can go a long way, after all. 

Since businesses are lacking that physical component these days, they’re on the hunt for alternative methods to rallying the troops. Online games fill this spot perfectly. They provide the same healthy competition which fuels results, but create them in a virtual, easily consumable format that all of your employees to interact with. These work closely with the virtual rewards programs we’ve mentioned above, and are a great addition to any workplace. 

Ready to take the next step? At Best Payment Solutions, we understand the impact an improvement to your sales cycle can make on your company’s financials. Our experienced team can help your business evaluate its processes and implement an employee incentive program to meet its unique needs. If you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level and get your sales process functioning at peak efficiency when you need it most, then an employee incentive program may be the right solution for you.

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