Give Thanks with a Simple Prepaid Visa Reward Card

With remote work and online meetings becoming more commonplace than ever, it’s also beginning to pose a challenge for companies looking to give thanks to their employees. As we all know, recognition is a central tenant to having a satisfied workforce, but without anyone in the office, it’s grown quite difficult to find ways to reward your valued team members with a personal gift. Additionally, especially during the holiday season, gifting often takes time away from other more pressing management duties. It’s a one-two punch that’s led many employers to last-minute efforts that often fall short among their employees. 

At Best Payment Solutions, we’ve got the perfect, well, solution: Prepaid Visa reward cards. Simple, efficient and contactless, this is the perfect gifting option for any employer who wants to give thanks without compromising on the safety of their employees or wasting valuable time while preparing the business for its peak holiday rush. 

What is a Prepaid Visa Reward Card?

Prepaid Visa reward cards are one of the easiest ways an employer can give thanks these days. The premise is simple – you, as the issuer, load up a virtual debit card with a predetermined gift amount. Next, it’s sent to a recipient, be it a staff member or channel partner, along with a personalized email containing the details to their gift – A unique debit card number that can be used anywhere Visa is already accepted. That’s it! After getting the email, your recipient is free to spend their gift money any way they wish.   

Here are two qualities that make giving thanks with a prepaid Visa reward card so great:

1. Contactless Redemption

As mentioned earlier, we’re in the throes of a major health crisis. One that’s designated physical contact as a major cause of the spread of the virus. Prepaid Visa reward cards allow you to still show that you’re thankful for the contributions of your valuable team members without having to send them a physical card or other gift that may bring unwanted pathogens along with it. We’ve fully entered the digital age, and employers reaping the rewards of contactless redemption can help ensure their workforce continues to stay in good health. 

2. Unparalleled Flexibility

Let’s face it, buying every employee on your staff a prepaid debit card can take time. Time that may be better used elsewhere. With Best Payment Solutions, our technology gives businesses unparalleled flexibility when it comes to rewarding good work. Saying thanks has never been so easy! Simply give us the email addresses of your recipients, along with the amount you’d like to set aside for each card, and we do the rest. Signed, sealed, and delivered instantly. No wait times, and instant gratification. Your recipients will be able to use their gifts the moment they receive them in their inbox.

Ready to take the next step? At Best Payment Solutions, we understand the impact an improvement to employee satisfaction can make on your company’s financials. Our experienced team can help your business evaluate its processes and implement an employee rewards program to meet its unique needs. If you’re ready to take your business to a whole new level and get your sales process functioning at peak efficiency when you need it most, then a channel partner incentive program may be the right solution for you.

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