Frequently asked questions

about incentive programs and how they work

Review your program participant demographics and select a choice that will appeal to your audience; such as Prepaid Visa Reward Card or specific Retailer Gift Cards. We are here to help guide you.

A Virtual Visa is emailed to the recipient and delivered in seconds. Instructions are included on how to retrieve the e-reward code. It’s a convenient and practical gift for any occasion. You can make digital Visa reward cards even more thoughtful by personalizing them with your company logo and a custom message.

Managing a payments program is complex, requiring time and resources that are better spent on core business functions. Businesses need a trusted partner that can implement, integrate and manage all aspects of your incentive rewards program.

At Best Payment Solutions we streamline operations, reduce costs, and keep payments simple. Our experienced team navigates and manages the regulatory and technical requirements of each program. What’s more, we employ a personal, consultative approach to each client partnership, which means you get high-touch partners with the industry experience to understand and deliver exactly what your business needs.

While it is possible for a company to manage their incentive program internally, this isn’t practical for most businesses. Usually businesses have an idea of the outcome they would like their incentive program to accomplish, and maybe even the reward type they’d like to use, but they leave the planning, design, program management, and reward fulfillment to incentive companies that specialize in that area.

B2B Customer Loyalty Incentives – B2B customer loyalty incentives are used to reward customers and increase the profitability of customer accounts by incentivizing them to stay faithful to your brand.

Channel Partner Incentives – Channel partner incentives are used to motivate dealers, contractors, and other external sales reps to prioritize your product when advising end users. Additionally, channel partner incentives can be used as part of a data collection strategy in order to collect cleaner, more complete sales and marketing data.

Employee Recognition Incentives – Employee recognition incentives are used to create a culture of top performance, to inspire employees to exceed their goals, and to reduce employee turnover.

Sales Incentives – Sales incentives are used to increase the profitability and productivity of internal sales teams, or to inspire better service and client follow-up. Non-cash rewards have value as status objects, which appeals to the competitive, often status-oriented nature of salespeople.

Business Dictionary defines incentive marketing as the “use of motivational devices such as competitions, games, premiums, and special prices, to promote the sale of a merchandise or service.” In B2B marketing, where products and services are generally more complex and solution-focused than B2C, incentive programs can be an important tool to offer long-term education to customers or to gather more information to personalize future marketing.

An incentive program, if not properly managed, can fail for any number of reasons. Some of these include any combination of the following:

  • Lack of a specific goal and a clear plan of action.
  • Rewards that aren’t compelling or don’t seem worth the effort.
  • Ineffective program marketing or a lack of consistent communication with program participants.
  • Inefficient logistics that make reward fulfillment too time-consuming for the business offering the program, or too slow to establish the relationship between relationship and reward for the participants.
  • No access to automated analytics and easy-to-use admin dashboards means that valuable behavioral data gets lost and managing the program becomes too difficult.

Due to the various moving parts that are necessary for a successful incentive program, many businesses outsource their incentive program to a trusted incentive management company.

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