Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the best payment solution for my Incentive Program?

Review your program participant demographics and select a choice that will appeal to your audience; such as Prepaid Visa Reward Card or specific Retailer Gift Cards .We are here to help guide you.

What is the fastest and easiest solution to give gift and rewards to my Clients and Employees?


It is easy to customize and order reward cards, incentive cards and retail gift cards from Best Payment Solutions. Choose your card design, amounts, and even custom branding and have them delivered right to your desk or individual cardholders. Reloadable incentive cards are great for ongoing channel incentives, service awards, employee wellness programs, and more.....

How do I develop a Channel Partner Incentive Program?


Managing a payments program is complex, requiring time and resources that are better spent on core business functions. Businesses need a trusted partner that can implement, integrate and manage all aspects of your incentive rewards program.

At Best Payment Solutions we streamline operations, reduce costs, and keep payments simple. Our experienced team navigates and manages the regulatory and technical requirements of each program. What’s more, we employ a personal, consultative approach to each client partnership, which means you get high-touch partners with the industry experience to understand and deliver exactly what your business needs.